Network Administrator

Job Reference : 2017-07-NA

1、Network planning, design, configuration and optimisation;
2、Installation, configuration, manage and maintain company network;
3、Monitor Network security, Network equipment and network performance, prepare network quality/usage report ;
4、Develop and maintain network related documentation;
5、Assist in the maintenance of office network and end user equipment;
6、Maintain company’s telephone network, Printer, fax, scanners, projectors and other office equipment;
7、Maintain all computer and network equipment ins normal and efficient performance;

1、Bachelor of IT or Computer Science or Network related , experienced in enterprise network management preferred;
2、Familiar and understand enterprise network, Server network management and experience in Network trouble shooting;
3、Familiar with PC hardware trouble shooting, basic maintenance of networking equipment, able to operate, trouble shoot, and maintain servers, routers, switches and firewall;
4、Familiar with different network protocol, such as : TCP/IP, network routing protocol, web services, DNS services, DHCP service and HTTP ;
5、familiar with functions and features of various networking products;
6、Responsible, can work under pressure, team working sprit

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Systems Operation Engineer

Job Reference : 2017-07-SysOp

1、Installation, configuration and Maintenance of Data Center equipment;
2、Installation, configuration and Maintenance of office equipment, including : Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Fax, Wifi Routers and related IT equipment;
3、Support of end users office software support, including : Windows OS installation and configuration, office automation software, anti-virus software, instant messaging software;
4、Responsible for internal communication system configuration and maintenance , maintenance of company Domain information, and mail System;
5、Responsible for maintenance and update of company website, any other tasks as assigned by management.

1、Bachelor of IT or Computer Science, 1+ year of enterprise IT operation experience preferred
2、Understanding of basic network knowledge, in-depth knowledge of router and switch, experienced in configuring switches, routers and Firewall;
3、Work independatly in assembling PC, trouble shooting and fixing general issues, experience in installating Windows OS and Office applications;
4、Preferred to have electrician license;
5、Responsible, serious at work, pro-active, team player.

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JAVA Development Engineer

Job Reference : 2017-07-Java

Responsibility :
1、Participate in product/solution development using Java;
2、Perform requirement study, software design, database design, related documentation and;
3、Perform Java coding according to design documents, development rules. Perform unit test and bug fix. ;
4、Perform system test according to testing plan and testing objectives ;
5、Assist in building up the knowledge of the team, supervise and develop junior Java developers;

1、University Degree or above in related field;
2、3 years or above Java development experience , experience with J2EE platform, at least has 1 completed and successfully implemented project ;
3、Familiar with software architecture, design method and methodology. Familiar with the usage of Dubbo,Hessian framework and tools;
4、Familiar in the usage of javascript/ajax/json technicques;
5、Familiar with at least one of the following databases MySql、Oracle、SqlServer、DB2, Familiar with Opensource design theory and application;
6、Familiar with distributed architecture, preferred with experience on big data development;
7、Be responsible and with team sprit, willing to learn and work under pressure;
8、Experienced with e-commerce development preferred.

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